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Within the framework of a system that necessitates working simultaneously on the local, regional and international levels, the strategic plan of Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) comes to keep pace with requirements and meet the current and future needs of all stakeholders.

Based on ATDD vision that comes in accordance with the directions of the Government of Ajman, the strategic plan now in your hands, guarantees achieving the highest ever levels and best criteria in the development of the tourist sector.

The strategic plan highlights the importance of taking into consideration the needs of stakeholders and meeting them; so that it is important to regularly review performance to insure continuous improvement. Our strategy is a stakeholder- focused and works through leveraged partnerships and alliances, as well as effective working plans that aim to achieve diversified touristic products and stabilizing tourism sector that supports sustainable development.

Mastering the art of leadership in the tourism sector and leadership approaches and practices in Ajman and achieving financial self-sufficiency and depending on internal resources come high on the list of ATDD strategic objectives. Our strategic goals also include enhancing corporate identity, maximizing investment in the tourism sector, and developing tourism legislations, standards, marketing systems and infrastructure.

And while working on alignment between strategic objectives and goals, we hope that efforts, in cooperation with our strategic partners, would turn fruitful and help provide a clear and exceptional map for tourism development and investment in the Emirate of Ajman.

 Faisal Al Nuaimi 

General Manager

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